Black Star

Black Star (2): is the boss of the Blackheart Gang. He and his henchman are trying to turn a restaurant who belonged to 2 sisters named Micchi, and Yoshiko, along with their grandfather into a skyscraper, and set up a gambling hall. One night he, and his henchmen set a fire near the restaurant, and killed their sisters's Grandfather. He arrived back at the restaurant along with Ken gave them a contract to sign for the restaurant, and gave them one day. But sense he knew Ken was pretending to betray his friends He, and his henchman captured the two sister, and tied Micchi at a dam. When Ken arrived to pull her out, Black Star came behind him, and captured him, and the girls to a small house. When they were about to kill Micchi with a sawmill Ken escaped and came back as Zubat. He was arrested by the police.

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