Goro Asuka

Goro Asuka (飛鳥 吾郎, Asuka Gorō): (1): is a mountain man, has a sister named Midori Asuka, and a childhood friend of Ken Hayakawa. When Hell Dragon, and his henchmen came to hurt his sister, and her students, Goro arrived to save them, until Lankirk arrived. When he was about to shoot Goro in the heart, Ken blasted his gun into pieces and arrived. When He left, The 2 friends united and got on the bus Midori and her students were on. When Ken heard a bomb ticking, He, and Goro evacuated the entire bus. To not let his friend get hurt really bad, Goro stopped him from getting in the bus and got inside to take to a far away place. The bus blown up, and Goro was badly hurt, and was taken to the hospital. After he woke up, they heard a big panic in the hospital. Shingo Tojo who have been friends with Ken since college informed them that he and the police receive a message from Hell Dragon that if they don't give him 3 billion yen by one o'clock he would blow up the hospital. But it was already to late, the hospital was getting bombed and everyone rushed out. When Goro was looking for the bomber, he was shot 12 time by an unknown criminal. As a horrified Ken walked up to him, He told him once his wounds heal he would fight with him, and he died. After he died, Ken created his Zubat suit which Goro was developing for space exploration, and the Zubat Car to avenge his death.

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