Leader L
Name Leader L
Gender: Male
Season(s): Kaiketsu Zubat
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Episode 1: After the Explosion, the Wandering Begins
Last Appearance: Episode 32
Number of Episode
32 (Kaiketsu Zubat)
Full list of appearances
Actor: Ryūji Hayami

Leader L (首領L Shuryō Eru) is the primary antagonist of the Kaiketsu Zubat. As a chief executive of Dakker, he doesn't take kindly to anything delaying his organization's criminal operations, so he often threatens to kill his subordinates if they are doing poorly, as motivation. He had his own special squad of bodyguards, noticed their neckties are white instead of the usual red.

Zubat eventually defeated Leader L in final episode, but revealed that it was not him who killed Goro Asuka, and told Zubat that he had not succeeded in discovering who killed his friend, as well as Dakker's real leader.

Behind the scenes


Leader L is portrayed by Ryūji Hayami (はやみ 竜次 Hayami Ryūji).

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